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Declaration on Original Flag

We started the Original American Clothing Company so "American Made" clothing would survive. We realized by buying from Communist China, we were supporting the enslavement of Chinese citizens by their brutal, totalitarian government. Our vision is to offer a quality, American-Made alternative that is comfortable, affordable, and unique!

Are you an Original American?

Our Symbol

X. This is the Roman numeral ten. It has a special place in American History. Our Founding Generation, mothers and fathers, kept it in view as they lived their lives. They created in law what they valued in their personal lives: Ten Commandments, Ten Amendments, and The Tenth Amendment. It says, “The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the states, are reserved to the states respectively, or to the people”. The 10th Amendment is widely ignored today, but there was a time in America when it was viewed as a line that was not to be crossed. The first ten Amendments were created because of the abuse of King George III and his British government, up to and during the 1770’s.

Today, we see abuse from the elitist Federal Judiciary, a Congress that makes deals with each other (and America’s enemies) for their own gain, a federal bureaucracy that seeks to control every portion of our lives (including spying on a Presidential candidate!), and Presidents that act outside of the boundaries set for them by the U.S. Constitution (pre-2017). Corruption abounds! I was born in the 200th year of American Liberty, and I have often wondered what the government is supposed look like. I know we have disagreed about many things since 1776, but I have admired the Founding Generation for giving us first the Declaration of Independence, then the Bill of Rights, and finally the U.S. Constitution. Like many Americans, I believe these contracts are a gift from God to America.

Twenty years ago, I started to notice fewer and fewer American-Made clothes. I watched as Communist China continued to enslave their own people in order to profit from American clothing purchases. Our jobs were disappearing. Finally, I realized if I wanted “American-Made,” I might have to start a clothing line. As a peace-time veteran, I am a patriot. I love American history. I only wore the uniform for four years on active duty, but my Oath of Enlistment is a lifelong commitment. I believe America desperately needs help. The Lord can bring us through all we are facing now and heal us. He brought America through the dark days of the American Revolution and the Civil War. I believe He is listening to our prayers.

The symbols I chose to represent the Original American Clothing Company are drawn from the Original American Flag. There are thirteen stars and stripes with a Roman numeral ten (X) centered in it. The ten represents the Ten Commandments, the Ten Amendments, and the Tenth Amendment-all in silver, red, white, and blue. Many Original Americans rejected the evil of their day-the “slave trade”, the harsh and dishonest treatment of our African-American and Native American brothers and sisters, and larger and larger, overreaching and tyrannical government. They embraced the Fear of the Lord, working hard for your living, treating others as you want to be treated, and smaller government. They did not get it right all the time, but they did set a decent example for us in many respects. Squanto, George Washington, John Jay, Sequoyah, Frederick Douglass, and George Washington Carver are some of my American heroes.

I see some in America trying to destroy the foundation of our country, and they want to “replace it” with “socialism”, which leads to “communism”, which arrives at a final “dictatorship” and ultimate enslavement of an entire country. I have no intention of letting that happen. Our Founding Fathers (and Mothers!) gave us the First Amendment before the Second for a reason! It is wise to debate in public what a generation will allow, and though we have lost much to the Marxist in America, there are millions of American Patriots living today who are awakening!!! We are stronger and more determined than they.

What if you are a part of the answer? What if you could start a small business and provide jobs for fellow Americans? What if you began to look for “American-Made” in your shopping? By spending less on products made in Communist countries, you are choosing Liberty! Buy American, and not just from me. Another way you can help is to shop local. Know what local and national corporations stand for and where they stand on the issues you care about. I would rather see one million ten-employee corporations, than ten one-million employee corporations. If they don’t hold your values, don’t spend your money with them (as much as that is possible).

As an Original American, I really care about what happens to the Bill of Rights (first ten especially). If a politician or political candidate will not support and defend the Bill of Rights and U.S. Constitution as they were originally interpreted and lived out, they have no business leading the country, because they don’t have enough integrity to keep their oath! We need to encourage and invest in Constitutional Conservative candidates every election. If you don’t know one and you believe in the founding principles I have described earlier, run for office. You may be the best suited for the job!!!

As I mentioned in the opening paragraph, we believe the Ten Commandments, Ten Amendments, and the Tenth Amendment are what the Founding Generation used to secure Liberty in their day. They can be used to reclaim America again. What if, with the Lords help and leading, a movement to restore America to its founding principles started with us? I personally am praying for America to return to be pleasing to God as “One Nation Under God” again. I love my country so much. I am saddened when America is torn because of division to the point we see today, but I am counting on the Lord to intervene! He has, He can, and I hope He will again!

In closing, thank you for reading my words. We are attempting to provide quality, American-Made clothing at affordable prices. As much as they are available, we will sell “Made in the U.S.A.” products to our customers. We dream of having a factory that creates our Original American Clothing Company brand right here in Oklahoma! Imagine that, American-Made once more in America! We try to incorporate an “artistic eye” in what we create. We like to use free speech, art, and the free market system to help broadcast the Original American Mindset. Are you with us? Are You An Original American?

---Matthew “Matteo” Graham, Original American