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Protecting And Preserving The U.S. Constitution & Bill of Rights Since 1776! Are You An Original American? As a veteran-owned company, I still honor my oath to “support (protect) and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic; that I will bear true faith and allegiance to the same!” Today, I do it through free speech, art, and the free market system. Bella + Canvas –Unisex; Made in the USA, Jersey T-Shirt. Available in Athletic Heather or Navy. Sizes = Small (S), Medium (M), Large (L), Extra Large (XL), 2 Extra Large (2XL), 3 Extra Large (3XL). Perfect for Veterans, Patriots, Snowflakes, Uneducated Millennials, and those recently liberated from Karl Marx’s warped theory of the legal theft of property (socialism), forced redistribution of privately owned wealth (communism), or those involuntarily enslaved who recently escaped from the dictatorship of North Korea or Communist China!

If you wear this shirt, people may start to follow you around in droves just to learn what a real patriot does with his or her day. It usually starts off with two or three folks in a store noticing what style you have. They will probably start to call or text their friends wondering where they can buy such quality, American-Made clothing at an affordable price. By the time you stop for lunch, there could be a dozen people or so who have introduced themselves as fellow American Patriots (please show them your right sleeve Original American Logo with the web address! Thank you!).

One customer reported that by the time he arrived home after wearing our Protecting and Preserving shirt all day, he had a large impromptu party at his house. He said that he was out for a standard three-mile run at around 4 p.m., when a large crowd of runners all followed him home. Turns out they all noticed his Protecting and Preserving shirt, and started to run behind him. They were all from the Marine Corp League Detachment 1776! They had gathered for their afternoon P.T. (Physical Training) and timed run. They were running in formation after P.T., when the Commander of the platoon noticed his shirt. He gave orders to “follow that man.”

Our customer noticed that about 45 men wearing red or olive drab green shirts and shorts were running behind him, and one of them was holding an American flag. Our customer, “Bob”, was not prior military, so he wasn’t sure if they were friendly. He sped up. The Detachment Commander barked out, “catch him!” All of the sudden, Bob was being pursued by 45 Marines, ages 30-75. As Bob turned the corner, he saw his house and heard a loud thunder of footsteps behind him.

He said he only remembered falling face down on the grass in front of his yard. When he came to, he was face up as his sprinkler brought him back to consciousness. Those forty-five Marines had turned him over to examine his shirt. They felt bad about the misunderstanding. They just wanted to admire the shirt and of course, find out where they could acquire such a patriotic display! These Marines pulled out his BBQ grill and made him dinner as their way of apologizing for the scare! Bob never realized how popular he would be just for wearing one of our shirts!

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